Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Kiss Away, Hope loves Mistletoe!

Kiss Away! Hope loves Mistletoe!

My Christmas tree is still up.  Last year I didn't put one up at all.  The year Hope was born, the Christmas tree stayed up until May!

In my living room I hung garland with snowflakes dangling from them.  That was 3 years ago, I haven't even dusted them.  The mistletoe in each doorway has been there just as long.

Is this laziness? Is this procrastination? Is this apathy?

Whatever it is.....it is a conversation piece when you come to my home.  People don't know whether kissing under the mistletoe is a yearly thing or just saved for the Christmas season.  I say..."GO FOR IT! KISS AWAY!" There is no reason to be confused!  JUST DO IT!

The year we remodeled all the bathrooms, my 10 foot tall plumber hit his head on the mistletoe every time he walked under the door ways.  It really made me giggle since he and I were the only ones in the house.

I had a luncheon with my mom's friends and one of the ladies just stood under it hoping that some good looking man would appear from nowhere and kiss her.  Tom wasn't going to be home for hours, so I told her sit down.

When I cleared out some of the many toy totes in the garage, I found an extension pointer.  You know the kind of pointer important people use when they point at a black board, white board or screen.  It wasn't until I went to an after Christmas sale at Tuesday Morning that I found out it was actually a Mistletoe Dangler!  Yes, a Dangler.  You put the mistletoe on the end that has a loop,dangle it over someones head and kiss. This would be a forced kiss or a tricked kiss but a kiss just the same!! Marvelous invention wouldn't you say? And I had no clue that we owned one.  I am sure it was one of Hope's purchases at the Dollar Tree at some point.  She loves Mistletoe and she knows how to use it!   The Dangler is at the cabin, I hope that I remember to use it next Christmas,after all, it is a seasonal thing!

I'm not lazy, a procrastinator or apathetic.  I just think, who is it going to hurt if Christmas Joy can last forever or at least until the Mistletoe falls off the door frame because the tape is 3 years old.

Pretty strong tape, may stay up for years!!!

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