Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Hope turns 18 on Friday

I cannot believe Hope is turning 18.  She can vote! She can buy cigarettes!  If I went on and on about the things she can legally do, I would have to be sedated.  I sure hope that she doesn't want to smoke!

Birthday's to Hope are just like Christmas....PRESENTS.   Over the years we have lavished her with toys, books, clothes, hats and wigs.  What we have learned through these years is that she is really very easy to gift.  She loves gift bags and wouldn't even care if there was nothing in it but tissue.  Yes, she is that easy to buy for.  The more cards and gift bag, they louder she squeals, " Oh Thank you!"  PRESENTS....Hope loves them.

We started a tradition of going to Build-a- Bear on her birthday.  She always names it Cindy!
Yesterday would have been a perfect day...no school.  She just wanted to stay home in her room.

Every year we ask, "Where do you want to go eat for your Birthday?" She throws her arms in the air and shouts, " IHOP!"( it looks like her name)  We convince her to go elsewhere but she always wants IHOP.   We don't!  She is that easy, we go to CLEAVERS and she orders chicken.  One year, she talked about going to RED LOBSTER.  She even mentioned that this year. I'm ready, I have gift cards.  She will change her mind to IHOP and we will go to CLEAVERS and she will order chicken.

For the past 3 years, she has asked for a pinata!  That would be fun.  I think it just may happen this year.  You realize that she will just put it in her room and no one will ever hit it!  That is just the way it is.

Bissy and I went to a party that had a "Dirty Santa" exchange.  We both got things that Hope would love, I have them saved for her birthday.  Gift bags with stuff...A good thing!

Hope loves birthday cake, candles and Ice cream.  The more frosting the better!  This year, I plan to get an ice cream cake at Lic's.  Mainly because when Bissy turned 30 in September, she asked for an Ice cream cake and didn't get it.  Happy Birthday Bissy through Hope.

I remember my 18th birthday, I started college and the drinking age was changed to 18 in the state of Iowa.  I think maybe that would have caused any parent to be sedated!!

What did you do on your 18th birthday?????
Hope was 10 the first time she went to Build a Bear.

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