Thursday, December 22, 2016

Holiday Expectations

Yup, we all have those Holiday Expectations!  Notice that it is capitalized. Holiday Expectations are premeditated disappointments.  Yup.....premeditated!

Sit for a moment with your dream that you have right this very moment about how the Holiday is going to be.  Ruminate....NOW....throw it out the window.   Go with the flow of  what really happens this holiday season.  If you haven't made that favorite dish or if that tradition you always do is just not working....then LET IT GO!  Make something new but don't stress.  Remember it is all premeditated anyway.

I have had some great dreams about how I want my 2018 Christmas celebration to be. I must say before any of my readers jump all over me, I do concentrate on Jesus birth and Advent is a big deal for me.  I am human and like the rest of you, I have Holiday Expectations that revolve around presents with kids, cookies, candy, games, laughing and fun.  My Expectations are beautiful, in the dream everyone is frolicking at the cabin, no one is crying, love is oozing everywhere.  What if that doesn't happen?  What if it doesn't go as I plan?  Should it go as I planned?  Holiday Expectations, can swing two ways, far to gleefulness or far to the doom and gloom. GEEZE...give me a break! Premeditated disappointment go away.

How do we get rid of these Holiday Expectations?  We need to plan events, right?  If we have events, we need to plan food and fun, right?  That part is a given.  What we can't do is premeditate how EVERYONE is going to feel, react, not react, say or not say.  We can only control our own reactions to a situation.  Guess what, you can't have a reaction until the event is actually in motion.  So stop that premeditated disappointment now!

I want to challenge you to get rid of your Holiday Expectations by going with the flow! And let me know how it worked for you!

Happy Holiday....or not.   You are in charge of your own feelings.

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