Wednesday, December 14, 2016


Dear Friends and Family,

I love Christmas newsletters.   I won't judge your life.  I won't compare your life to mine.  I enjoy hearing from family and friends and I don't care if it is a mass mailing.  I have a mailbox on my property and I want mail...the good kind...a letter from you!  You heard me!

A few years back, we had a discussion about replacing our plastic Home Depot mailbox with one of those really fancy brick and masonry kind that adorn beautiful flowers and have the chiseled house numbers on both sides.  All the neighbors have them, they are attractive and make all the homes look stately!  Then I priced them.  Call me cheap or call me practical.  We still have our Home Depot Mailbox that I installed, in the ground with no help from anyone.

When we weighed the pro's and con's of the style of mailbox, I pointed out the fact that mail is mail.  What exactly does that mean???  I pay all our bills online and receive no  paper bills.  Tom loves to receive seed catalogs, Lands End catalogs, and  Fruit Cake catalogs.  I get credit card applications from when I purchased a computer 20 years ago with my business name. Over the years, my name has been slaughtered to the point that Chinese Credit card companies send me applications at  Sue Cinda. I can't read Chinese!  This is the extent of our mail!  I think that a plastic Home Depot mailbox is the only thing worthy to sit on our property to collect such mail!

However, at Christmas time, I feel that any card coming from friends or family deserves a proper home to sit in for 5 minutes.  After all, that mail has been in bags, boxes, planes, semi's and/or lost and torn waiting for the waxy envelop with the USPS apology letter attached.  A stately brick mailbox with fake poinsettia's on each side would be appropriate.

If I received wonderful mail, I would prance or even dance to the mailbox.  There are nights when Tom asks, "What did we get for mail?"  And I have to admit, that I didn't even look at the mailbox!  That is sad.

I want to send you a Christmas card.  All I need is your address.  When you get the card, you will have my address. send me a Christmas newsletter or card!  Maybe if I get enough, I will call a Brick layer and beg him to build a Brick Mail Box. PRONTO! After all, your letter will be that important! And I think the neighbors would be amused to see me prance and dance! Or maybe they would call 911.  

How to send your address to me
1.   Via message on my facebook page Cinda Sue Originals
2.    Email

Happy Holidays!


  1. I'll send you my address asap, would love to exchange Christmas cards with you!

  2. Yours was already in the mail xoxo