Saturday, February 4, 2017

We Got This!

Retirement has thrown a loop into Hope's day.  Her DADA is home.  I don't know who is more thrown by the morning routine, Hope or me.

Imagine having only one person help you in the morning for 18 years and all of a sudden there is a "time master" involved.  "Time master"!  Ya, I made that name up.  I also am making up the definition.  A "time master" is a person that infringes their idea of a schedule on others.   This "time master" messes with the balance of Hope and my universe.

Getting Hope ready in the morning is like an orchestrated Ballet with a demanding Prima Donna.  She barks out the same orders every morning, and I ignore her. I am already doing what it is she wants because it is part of the routine.  I think she just like to ask me to....get a drink, make an egg, get medicine, comb hair as part of her comfort.  When the "time master" entered the equation, he wanted to answer her demands.

The other day, he sat in the dining chair that is directly in my path.  I snapped at him! He was shocked! Hope snapped too!  It was a flipp'n circus!  The whole morning rhythm was off! She got to school 10 minutes early.  And it went down hill from there!

There have been painters in the house since Monday.  We are really off our game.  The kitchen and TV room are off limits and there is a tight squeeze at the breakfast table.  Breakfast was not the same since the stove was off limits for cooking.  We just couldn't get the proper rhythm of the morning. Fact: from my house to school it takes 12 minutes.  If you leave by 8:15, you can still be early. Yesterday, the "time master" took her, she was 20 minutes early.  That is 20 minutes of sitting in the car, staring at the school gym door for the teacher.   Hope was thrown for the rest of the day.  Her behavior has been "not the best" and has been sent home early quite a bit this past month.  Tom picked her up early yesterday and was asked, " She has a change in behavior, has something changed at home?" Tom's reply, " I'm home now, I guess I better go get a job!"

This is the beginning of the second month of retirement. I wonder if we will ever GET IT.  Time will tell and the "Time Master" will do the telling!  Our morning routine has got to get better!

Great news, Hope had Three great days this week!  And tomorrow is another day! WE GOT THIS!

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