Tuesday, February 21, 2017


What is your  WHY?  What a crazy question.  I have been in Direct Sales for 16 years.  Right now, I am just dabbling in it.  But my first rodeo,I went full blast. I even earned several trips.  The main question in this line of business is,  "What is your WHY?"  When you know your "WHY" you are ready to give it your all and do what it takes to make the business fly!

I really had my "WHY" years ago. Having a WHY was rewarding!

Now that I am less GUN HO on building an empire...cough cough.  I find that my WHY is gone.  Yes, gone, no longer there, zip and nadda!  And that is too bad because there are some great direct marketing businesses out there that need the passionate sales person.

My WHY has changed. Why does Hope do what she does?  Why? Why? Why?  And there is no answer.  The business WHY was so much more predictable! WHY is like a cuss word to me now!

Tom asks WHY all the time.  He says it's because of  his profession, he always had to question everything.  I personally hate the word WHY when it comes to just a conversation. ( Hate is such a strong word)  I am naturally curious, so when I am asked WHY, I answer BECAUSE.  These one line conversations can get you in a heap of trouble.  After 2 months of retirement under his belt, I have almost broken him of his WHY.  Today, in a passing conversation, I asked him, " Are you going to the fitness center this morning?"  He caught his WHY mid sentence and replied, " You are just wondering, right?"  YAY me!  It like breaking a horse!

I don't know WHY I can't stand the word WHY.  It is in the Bible. Everyone says it.  I just don't like it! True confession....I use it and I cringe.

 Thanks for letting me vent!

Why? Because! And You're Welcome!

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