Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Bus Ride to Work

Have you ever taken a bus?  Not a school bus, but a city bus!  A city bus in a big city?

When I was growing up, I often times would ride the bus downtown.  It cost 10 cents.  The walk to the bus was 1 mile, uphill both ways! ( I don't know how that was possible, but whenever old folks tell a tale that is how far they walk)

Our city wasn't considered a large city, but to me, it was the biggest city I knew and it was my city.  I can tell you right now....I would never ever EVEN ever....let my grandchildren walk 1 mile uphill both ways to ride a bus downtown all alone...never ever EVEN ever!!!  Times have really changed!

Last century, when my children were in grade school and high school, I had no problem with them riding a bus, their bikes, walking, running, hopping or skipping anywhere in town...up a hill or down a hill.  That was then, this is now.

My bus ride,in the 70's, to downtown Sioux City included sitting behind the grumpy driver.  I remember once, he yelled at me because it was the weekend and I wasn't suppose to use my student pass on the weekend.  Yes, I cried!  I had a job at the Younkers Department Store in the men's department and the bus driver, after he yelled at me said, " Just this once!"  Believe me, I had my dime the next time I took the bus on the weekend.

Working in the Men's Department was a great way to get dates.....NOT!  Classmates mom's would shop in this department. These woman were buying unmentionables for my male friends.  I got paid $2.10/hour to be embarrassed! In the 70's the speedo changed the underwear business.  Tighty Whities were out...color and silk were in!  Don't even ask me what size I think you should buy!  Boxers?  I don't think they were invented yet! That job lasted through the Christmas season. Next year is a 45th class reunion....I wonder if I should tell the guys what I know about them!!!

The bus ride home was treacherous in the winter.  Iowa had snow, they also used salt on the road, this would create a slush.  The slush usually ended up on the curb and, of course, the curb was the bus stop.  FYI...Salt slush leaves rings on leather boots!  And then there was the walk home in the snow!

You can get a great education on a bus ride. Back then there were no cell phones or ear buds for music.  Back then, eavesdropping on a conversation or listening to your benchmate was a source of entertainment.  There was a girl next to me that was talking about how she knew The Beatles.....HA, ya right!  But I listened...she needed to lie to someone!

AH.....the good ole days...when a bus ride cost ten cents, the entertainment was free education, and getting yelled at by a grumpy man in a uniform was the norm.

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