Tuesday, September 6, 2016


A few life lessons learned......

Lesson 1

I celebrated my 62nd birthday last week.  Ya, I know, I look so much younger.  I swear my youthful appearance comes from the knowledge of a class I took at the YWCA in 1970. Or perhaps my Norwegian genes! In the last century I took  a course on etiquette!  The gymnasium was crammed with teenage girls who arrived from throughout the city. Big ones, small ones, fashionistas, not so fashionistas and those who were forced by their parents to attend.  Etiquette....what a funny word to use in the same sentence as Midwestern teenage girls!

We learned how to sit, stand, walk, BE a MODEL!! The most lasting lesson I learned came from the Bonnie Bell cosmetic lady from the Younker Department Store.  What she impressed upon my young, teen mind was ....

 You. Must.Wear.Moisturizer.On.Your. Face.Every.Day.

She was absolutely right! That was 50 years ago...That would be a half century ago. My habit became a lifestyle.

Lesson 2

I celebrated my 62nd birthday last week applying for Social Security benefits for Hope.  In July, when I applied for mine online, I received a phone call, shortly after it was processed, to inform me that Hope could draw benefits because she has an OLD mom!  The SS office didn't say that, they are very nice people to work with....but face it...Hope's mom is going to receive benefits and she can too.  WINNING!!!

We.Will. Have. Dollar Store.Money.

Lesson 3

I celebrated my 62nd birthday last week and had to be educated on what exactly is the definition of Senior Discount.  Did you know that there really isn't a set age for a senior discount.  Some places consider 55 years old to be a senior!  Seriously, 55....that is soooooo very young!

Tom, Hope and I spent the weekend at the cabin.  On Sunday, we ventured out to the neighboring Hoosier National Forest campgrounds.  Our discussion on our way there was....do we buy a daily pass or should be get a year pass and do they take a credit card.   We pulled up to the tiny cabin that housed the park ranger person.( I really need to figure out what that money takers position is called so when I apply to do this job i don't sound stupid!) We stared at the pricing menu. We thought a year pass would be great. That thought was smashed when  we found out that they didn't take credit cards. I handed Tom my one and only $10 bill.  A daily pass is $5 a car or $2.50 for seniors.  The  Park Ranger person handed us the change of $5.  We smiled and thanked him.

Senior.Discount.Lost.  Moisturizer.Adds.Youth.

Lesson 4

I celebrated my 62nd birthday last week.  If you want a senior discount, make sure you show them your ID to prove your age. And don't forget to thank the Bonnie Bell Cosmetic lady while you are at it!



  1. Replies
    1. at least 4 reasons! Happy Birthday to you too. You are old enough for a senior coffee at Mc Donalds. And you can order off the senior menu at Denny's! you are welcome!

  2. As a fellow 62-year old, this made me chuckle, Cinda! I have to admit I am happy to take advantage of the senior discount. I figure I'm with John and he looks older--LOL! Love your blog!

  3. Best column yet. You are on a roll. I remember that Bonne Bell lady.