Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Lightning, Thunder and the Tooth Fairy

There is nothing like an Indiana thunderstorm in the forest, at the cabin on the porch with 4 screaming maniacs and grandparents!

This weekend we were counting up to Fifteen one hundred before we would hear the crack of thunder.  When we only made it to five one hundred, everyone squealed with delight!
In unison, with high pitched voices  “ That was really close!”

Graham was leaning up against the porch post when we saw the flash of light that required no counting.  We didn’t have a chance to get to one one hundred when the ground shook, rumbled and threw him into my arms.  His eyes were as large as saucers! His sister was right behind him, on top of me! And we screamed, and screamed and screamed again! Boy was that fun!  We were ready for another.  And none came that close again!

Harper, age 4, said, “That scared the heck out of me!”  I told her that I saw her heck lying next to the bird feeder!

Graham, who likes to tell stories and requires us to listen without interrupting because he stammers a wee bit,  allowed that bolt of lightning and crash of thunder to  scare the “stutter” out of him!  He was so scared, excited and craving for more that he socked his own mouth and knocked out a baby tooth!  Losing a baby tooth in the National Forest was even more exciting.  So exciting that he pulled out the one next to it! The one that was really, really loose to begin with!

So there we were, in the midst of thunderstorm talking about the tooth fairy.  The poor tooth fairy probably wouldn’t be able to find his tooth.  The poor tooth fairy had to endure a storm without a GPS.  The poor tooth fairy may just possibly get eaten by a mountain lion on her quest to find his tooth.

You know the story….you know a kid who has had a loose tooth….you have to make stories up about the fairy.  There are no rules when it comes to the tooth fairy!  When we realize that no one in the cabin had cash, stories became very creative! There were 3 grown daughters who have bigger imaginations that the state of Texas!

Tooth fairies bring money.  Just ask Cousin Garret, age 7, the expert on losing teeth! One time he got 2 crumbled dirty dollars!

So what does a tooth go for these days?  Well, I’m sure the tooth fairy who comes to the cabin is pretty darn cheap.  There aren’t ATM’s to near on a Saturday night. Who is ever prepared for the tooth fairy? Thank goodness, grandpa had some cash.  The tooth fairy--God love her--if she would make it to the forest, would leave $2 a tooth!

Graham decided that he would leave one tooth for the forest fairy and take the other one home for the city fairy just in case there would be more money involved.  Smart plan!

Lightning, Thunder, Tooth fairies……life is good at the Cabin in the woods!