Monday, August 1, 2016

Wisdom of Children

 We are shaped by the profound words of wisdom that surround us.  We must pay great attention to these words because they can mold us into better humans.  I have been thinking a lot about the people (mostly children) that have influenced my way of thinking.

This week was one of those wisdom building experiences.  My Grandchildren lost their uncle at the young age of 34.  How do you explain that kind of death to a 6 and 4 year old?  How in dept to you get with the passing?  I had the great honor to let them teach me about death. Kids are wise beyond their years.

Graham, age 6.

Looking at the sky...."Come look, the clouds are angel wings, I know that they belong to Cory!"

Praying at the dinner table..."Thank you for my uncle and thank you for having us eat his favorite food tonight, gyros."

"Cory taught me how to fish, we caught a Salmon in the Blue River" ( I don't know where the Blue River is and I kinda doubt there are salmon in the midwest)  Then he wanted me to cook Salmon in his honor.  We did, we grilled it and Graham said, " It tasted like steak. Cory would have liked that."

On the day of his passing, Graham had us gather outside and he performed a "Mass"
Praying, " Cory, be with me."  I told him that he need to add, "with Jesus help."
This was the most touching and profound act of a 6 year old.  He is wise beyond his years.

Harper, Age 4.

" If Jesus is in my heart, how is Cory going to fit inside my body?"
With that, I had to explain that it is the love of Jesus and the love of Cory that is in her heart.  We broke it down to the size of a piece of salt because there are so many people who love her, we need to fit it all in.  That was a tough lesson!

" Cory fell asleep too long and couldn't wake up." I just nodded.

" I cried so hard that I couldn't breathe." I just nodded.

" My daddy is sad."  We talked about all the family members who are sad for a very long time.

Wisdom, it is shaped at an early age.  Wisdom, it is something that grows.  Wisdom, we will receive it when we listen deeply.  Wisdom, it is love.

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