Friday, August 5, 2016

Chile Relleno! No Problemo!

There are times when I really crave Mexican food.  Or Tex Mex...I really don't know the difference.   My barometer is from my college days in Sioux City, Iowa in the 70's.  The bar my sorority sisters and I frequented was called Half Moon Inn and the Mexican food was marvelous!  The quacamole had a beautiful presentation.  I copy it when I have company.  Otherwise...I like to present it to myself with just the bowl I make it in and using a chip, a spoon or my finger as the scoop!

Fast forward to this century..... Chile Relleno.   My daughters have been taste testing these in restaurant for 10 years and finally introduced them to me.  Their barometer is Los Bravos in Evansville, IN.

 On Wednesdays, during the school year, Bissy, my 4 year old granddaughter and I had lunch together.  Last spring,we were hitting every Mexican restaurant in the area to compare the recipes.  I made sure we had the quacamole and she always ordered the Chile Relleno.  We would critique it, using our "barometers". This introduction lead me to love it as well.  Since I am always trying to make things"original" I wanted to duplicate what my taste buds found.

I was excited to find  Chile rellenos peppers at Meijers. I swear the bag jumped into my cart. They were just sitting there in a bag with instruction on how to make this dish.     On that day, I was a Meijers virgin and I brought one daughter and 2 grandkids with me! Two Hundred and thirty three dollars later, we left the store. My favorite purchase....Chile Rellenos Peppers!

 I made the dish immediately!

Not familiar with the peppers, after I seeded them, I itched  my nose and swiped my eyes.  Oh yes I did!  I couldn't stop....I touched my mouth, licked my lips and and touched my nose again.  All this within seconds.  The label did not say use gloves.  These are not jalepeno's  these are not suppose to be hot.  It just burned a little...and then my face went problemo!

The recipe that I made was fabulous despite the burned eyeballs! I told Tom how excited I was about buying the peppers that he decided that he would grow some for me.

The peppers that I bought in the store where the size of the palm of your hand.  The picture below is what grew in our garden, by the cabin, in the woods.  Barbie size Pepper!

Chile Relleno! No Problemo! I think I will let the pro's fix it for me.  Is it Wednesday yet?

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