Tuesday, August 2, 2016

I married a gardener.

I married a gardener. Tom loves the yard and he plants unusual species.  Seed and Flower catalogs arrive daily and Hope steals them. Tom ends up going online and ordering.  When I finally retrieve the catalogs from Hope's room, he shows me what he ordered.  It is like Christmas every day!

Remember the Sears Christmas Catalog?  I want this and I want that....I got this and I got that!  Seed Catalogs are the grown man's Toy catalog.

For the past several years, we have received cases....YES I SAID CASES....of tulips from Holland.  He gets a great discount because he is considered a wholesaler.....UMMMM he isn't a store!

Every November, he is in the yard planting thousands of tulip bulbs.  It is hard work.  I don't help.  I don't like to get dirty. I am not a gardener. There I said it!

Every March the tulips emerge.  What a show!

When we started planning "this Retirement business" last Spring and bought the chunk of land next to the Hoosier National Forest, I knew that the gears would be cranking in his farmer/gardener brain.

Now we have Tree catalogs coming to our house.
We have big boxes of trees coming to the house.
We are now considered wholesalers.
Do you know how many varieties of peach trees there are? Me either!!

When we planned this, I knew, I really knew that it would be a crazy year prior to retirement.  It is amazing what he has planted on every Saturday of 2016.

The bulb catalogs are sitting next to his recliner, Hope hasn't taken them yet and he has pointed out "some dandies".  It's time to get that Tulip/daffodil/hyacinth wholesale order in....What colors should we do this year????

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