Thursday, June 23, 2016

Adulting on a weeknight!

My husband and I don't regularly eat out at restaurants because, well, he sends me recipes via email and I make them.  But this week, we had dinner with our accountant at a place called, The Kennel Club. (There is a big history about this club and it does have to do with Dogs.  Beautiful club and setting in the country.)

First of all, having an accountant make me feel very adult.  You can hide behind your accountant just like children can use their parents as an excuse to say NO.  I use him when unsolicited charities come looking for donations....." Oh, let me check with my accountant!" or when someone that resembles my son-in-law asks to go 50/50  in a Section 8 housing rental investment." Hum, let me get back with you, I need to consult my accountant!"

Second of all, eating at The Kennel Club is very adult!  When we moved to our town 20 years ago, I met some well established women through a women's group that talked fondly of this place. At that time, there was a waiting list to join The Kennel Club.  Being an outsider, there was no way we would even try to join!  ( An outsider here is not having a letter jacket from any of the local High Schools)  But now, in the new century, the long list for joining is gone and I'm at the that point in my thinking that I don't even want to join the Y!  There is a perk though, knowing a member at The Kennel Club gets you in.

As adults who had to drive separately from opposite ends of town, my husband arrived before me and entered the door closest to his car.  In this room was racks and racks of women's clothing  and a dozen women cheerfully buying them.  He was startled, quite shy and probably wanted to back out of the door. Toni, one of the reps for this clothing line recognized him....from the Y.  ( You know, the one I don't want to join.)  She introduced herself and told him that this was a CAbi sale and that he should send me in when I arrived.

As the female adult, I arrived early and sat in my car responding to my Facebook comment about an adorable puppy.  I did not see him go in the WRONG door. I knew where the front door was since I have attended 2 Christmas parties with my women's group.

My first stop, the Ladies Restroom.   The whole thought of Ladies Room made me think, has this dinner club changed it's signage for restrooms? Then I thought...what did their signs say before this whole RESTROOM law or not a law business started this year.  Bitch and Stud?  Lady and Tramp?   I didn't really pay attention once I got in the building because....I saw the Room full of Women's Clothes located next to the said restroom!

I found Tom, in the bar area, the accountant hadn't arrived.  He told me the story of coming in the wrong door and when he said CAbi.....I started hyperventilating.  He doesn't really pay attention to my wardrobe or my closet but if he did....he would have understood why I needed CPR. I love these clothes!!!! I left my purse with him and headed to that room. was like CABi threw up in there and I wanted to cleanup every inch! Then I snapped back and became an adult thinker. I was meeting with our accountant....I needed to restrain myself....I needed to say...."I must check with my accountant!"  The colors were vibrant, the racks were shiny and the clothes were organized by size, styles, color, and it was 50% off!! Three blouses picked in 2 minutes, that time includes try-on!  I had to retrieve my purse from the bar!  The accountant and my husband were at our dining table.  I stared glassy eyed at them and then grabbed my purse stating with confidence " I am so glad that you know Toni from the Y,  I NEED to buy something from her!"

Adulting (v): to do grown up things and hold responsibilities. Funny term.  We are like super humans in decision making and sometimes we probably should consult our accountant!  I will be adulting again this weekend, I see an antique shop in my future!

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  1. I have yet to attend a CABI party, but I hear I am hosting one in the near future. You'll have to come adult in MadCity and don't forget your purse. I have an accountant in my bldg.