Thursday, June 16, 2016


I did it because you said I should! Blogging that is!  My name, Cinda Sue Originals, is what I used 30 years ago when I had a small cottage industry out of my trailer!!! I machine appliqued sweatshirts and sold and shipped them throughout the midwest.  My best customers where the Scandinavian Stores in Minnesota, Iowa and Wisconsin.  I was very brave and approached the local university bookstore to custom design some shirts and to my surprise...she placed an order and my product ended up in the University Alumnae Catalog.   Cinda Sue Originals was in business!!

Fast forward to now.... I am a senior citizen raising a teenager daughter with Down syndrome. I am married to a brainy fellow who is retiring at the end of the year. We built a small cabin in the Hoosier National Forest.  My 3 grown daughters are married or not! I have 4 grandchildren that I love to play with and make cookies.  The "Original" in the Cinda Sue has now become....YOU CANNOT MAKE THIS STUFF UP....IT IS ORIGINAL!

Just as my applique business was all about embellishment, as you follow me and the adventures of this family, I will be sprinkling in true stories with embellishment, recipes that I have changed to taste better in my opinion, maybe some crafts ( but I doubt it) and anything else that strikes me as something YOU ALL want to see.  Keeping it ORIGINAL!
1980 Something The Trailer where it began!


2016 The retirement cabin where it will end!