Thursday, June 30, 2016

The Whip Poor Will Show

Front row seating for the Whip Poor Will Show!

Entertainment in the forest is "price less".  Priceless is a funny word.  You have Price Less stores, priceless moments, and price less entertainment.  Price less entertainment is no cost, free, given to you as a gift.  Take that gift and enjoy.  It. Costs. Nothing!!!

Our price less entertainment are the birds!  Country birds need nothing from us city folk to survive...they have the forest figured out to survive.  They can put on a great show!

Enter stage left....the Whip Poor Will.  It is a night bird that thrives on insects and is best found during  dusk and especially during the full moon.  It has a daunting sound that mimics it's name.  It is low flying and and during the silence of it's song, it will be heard again at stage right.   Whip Poor Will, Whip Poor Will. click click  Whip Poor Will.....

Thanks to modern day technology, we googled the song of the Whip poor will.
Click the link.
This is when the priceless moments and price less entertainment combine.  With droid in hand, my husband plays the song to get the birds attention.  In the far distance we can hear him.  Silence and he is nearer.  As the dueling "songsters" communicate the "real" Whip Poor Will lands right next to the porch!

Never seeing a Whip Poor Will, I begin to freak.  My freak is freaked. I pull my hoody over my head, sink my hands into my pockets because the dueling of the "real"and the"droid" is on!  The Whip Poor Will flies up to the porch and onto the eaves! It is deafening!

My mind  immediately remembers the bats that I experienced in my Colorado Camp days.  They would come into our bedroom at night and land on our hair.  That is when my freak was born.  Since then, the freak has had babies.  My freak is HUGE!! ( shuttering and vomiting in my mouth as I think about those bats.)

Price less entertainment.  The show is over!  There is silence, then I can hear the Whip Poor Will off in the distance.  Time to go to bed! we have bats????

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