Monday, July 18, 2016

Gasp....I forgot something at the Cabin!!!

One Sunday afternoon, as we drove home from the cabin, my gasp almost caused a wreck on I-64.
 (I-64 is hilly forest lined drive connecting Louisville, KY and St Louis,MO)
I startled Tom. "WHAT?  And " Quit being a backseat driver!" are his typical responses. I am the back seat passenger.  Hope calls SHOTGUN everytime!  She watches the signs and knows where every McDonalds, Wendy's and Restroom is from the cabin to home!

 My usual gasps are when we are passing semi's. (In the 70's, my mom and I were side swiped  by a semi in the Sioux City stockyards area.  I haven't been the same since when it comes to passing those monsters!!)  Or I gasp when I think Tom is driving too close to the median.  Or if he is going too fast....Or too slow.  Or when I think he blinked to long and I think he is falling asleep behind the wheel. I can see his face in his rearview mirror!! I gasp a lot! This particular gasp was because we forgot something at the cabin!

The first time we forgot something ( all of our MEDS).  We, I mean I, didn't discover it until 8 pm on Sunday.  If you are like us and take meds...... you get need your meds! You need your night meds and you need your next day meds...Gasp!

That night was the longest 72 minute drive one way to the cabin. There was a thunderstorm in the forecast and it was night!   Tom stayed home with Hope.  Bissy, my daughter, and I made the trip!  Gasping more than once when semi's passed us spraying waves of rain water, frightened, I pulled over and Bissy took over the wheel.  This was not a graceful exchange of seats in a Prius,in a thunderstorm, on an interstate, in the dark!   We did NOT get out of the car!  She, 5' 10" or taller, some how crawled over me, and I, slightly out of shape ( ok, very out of shape) crawled under her!  I was gasping, she was laughing and the semi's kept passing.   We made it home by 11 and everyone sleepy eyed woke up and took their meds!  Gasping.... I fell asleep!

The most recent time I gasped on the drive home and almost created an accident on I-64 was when I forgot the bananas in the kitchen.  Yes, the bananas!

 No big deal, right? You know how bananas get after a week! They get black, they get weepy, they get fruit flies! Gasp!

There was NO debate, we would NOT go back to get the bananas.

On Monday, I worried that they were turning black.
On Tuesday, I knew that they were black and weeping gooey sap.
On Wednesday, I remembered that they were in the cupboard and my wood would be rotting from the gooey sap seeping out of the bananas.
On Thursday, I was positive that the fruit flies were invading the entire cabinet, bursting it open and spewing banana juice and slime all over my beautiful kitchen. And the flies would multiply and fill the entire cabin, finding other things to eat!
On Friday when we finally got to the cabin...I hesitated on opening the door.  I knew that the rotten banana smell would overcome my senses and that the fruit flies swarming around would be like a white cloud in the kitchen.

I opened the door. I gasped. I smelled. I saw. I felt. Nothing!
I went to the cabinet.....they were perfect. WHEW!!!

My mom always says, "Don't worry Gramma!"  I spent a week worrying about bananas.  So what do you do...YOU MAKE CAKE!

Since I didn't have a recipe, I searched  And since I am a Becky Home Ecy, I just wrote down the necessary ingredients on a picture that one of my grandkids drew. The process of baking is just in my head!!!  I know, it is a gift!

Hope helped mash the banana's.
And when it was done. We sat on the Porch...In the Woods..and ate Cake!
And I sighed, "Life is Good!" Whew....Gasp...What will I forget next week??

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