Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Hope Hates Tuesday!

Every Tuesday at 8 am, my friend Voz comes to my house to spend quality time with me cleaning, sorting and most importantly, retrieving all the items that were stolen, lifted, or borrowed out of Hope's room.

Hope loves stuff!  She loves her stuff, your stuff and any thing that is on the table stuff.  She can walk by the counter and take the most important letter in the stack.  Swim suit issue of Sport Illustrated...GONE!  House Insurance bill...GONE! Car keys....GONE!

We can't even get things to the recycle bin without her bringing it back in the house.  Pizza boxes, newspapers,paper sacks and gift bags.  She loves to fold the papers and put them in the bags. And she has a humming sound as she "organizes her stuff".(I wish I had a click here button for you)  After she has organized them, she throws them back and forth into new piles still humming.  In a given afternoon, she will make 5 different piles.

Hope hates cleaning day on Tuesday!
Before she is even out of bed, she asks," Is Voz going to clean my room?"
I always answer, " No I will! I want my stuff back!"
She replies, " Don't touch my stuff!"
Sometimes on a Thursday she will ask," Is Voz going to clean my room today?"
 I always reply, "NO, this is Thursday!"

I often times refer to her room as the "Hoarders Nest".  And it really is my fault!  I love, hats, wigs, and crowns. I love a deal....so does she! And she also loves purses, sunglasses, brushes and books.She loves, Barbies, baby dolls, and toys!  Anyone's toys!

 I just took a garbage bag full of purses to the Goodwill.  I take them there, get a donation receipt and then she and I return later to buy different purses.  She loves to have a wallet in every purse.  We usually spend over $5 on Goodwill trips! She can spend an hour in the Goodwill, picking up and putting down.  The purchase she finally makes is usually the first thing she picked up!  She tells everyone as she leaves...." I got a purse!"

Last night, I walked into her room.  She had taken an entire bag of cherries to her room, bitten off a piece and left the stems and seeds on the floor.  I put on my stern face with hands on my hip and she picked them up apologizing the entire time....  "Sorry Sorry Sorry!" 

I love Tuesdays.  And I am thankful that it is only 7 days until the next Tuesday!  I'm also looking for my hairbrush, my glasses , my camera and my house keys.  I bet they are in a purse!


  1. Love your blogs and knowing what you and Hope are up to.

  2. I so enjoy your blog.
    Let me know next you're in Madisonville maybe Carol and I can meet you @ Big City.

    1. You have a great city! Maybe Hope can find a hat or two there!

  3. Love reading your adventures, much respect my friend

  4. I love keeping up with you and Hope. You have such a sunny attitude towards everything, it is simply contagious!